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Our Why

My goal is to help you make your dream wardrobe that fits you better, faster - with an approach to pattern drafting and sewing gives you a greater love and appreciation for your own unique, beautiful, one-and-only body.

After all, your body brought you to today, with everything you’ve accomplished and overcome – and that is worth celebrating.


In 2016, I began the meticulous, time-consuming process of drawing a custom sloper on paper, by hand – trying to make instructions for a Size 8/10 work for my body. And each time I wanted to manipulate a dart or make an adjustment, I spent even more time re-tracing (or re-drafting!) the original.

I knew there had to be an easier way.

After research and trial and error, I made a digital version that could be printed on demand! Since then, I have made tops, skirts, dresses — and even bathing suits and bodysuits — in any style, always in my size.

There is nothing like the rush that comes from trying on your latest creation and having it fit, the first time. I started Made for Me to bring that joy to you.

About Aliya

My mom, a self-taught sewist, taught me how to sew and self-draft patterns in high school - copying styles we saw on TV and in magazines, and drafting patterns on taped-together newspapers. (Yes, ambitious beginners can draft patterns. And, yes, my mom is awesome 😊)

Along the way, I taught myself to draft garments from slopers using library books and online resources. And while I still sometimes use a sewing pattern, my custom sloper lets me make garments that fit just me, from step one.